5 mar 2015 - 13:06

AISS NAIA National Championship Top 4 Student Representatives

AISS has a strong tradition of always sending players to the top level NAIA schools. Last season Fall-14 AISS had representatives at three of the final four schools in NAIA National Championship. Johanna Henriksson was the starting goalkeeper throughout the season for Lindsey Wilson College who ended up as NAIA National Champions.

The final four schools were: University of Northwestern Ohio, Embry-Riddle University, Lindsey Wilson College, and Northwood University.

AISS students currently playing for these schools:

University of Northwestern Ohio, Ohio:

Sara Olofsson, Vara (Vara Sportklubb) 

Lindsey Wilson College, Kentucky:

Johanna Henriksson, Borås (Qviding FIF)

Northwood University, Florida:

Linnea Lindmark, Leksand (Kisa BK)

Julia Axengren, Gällstad (Nittorps IK)