4 mar 2015 - 10:27

AISS NAIA National Championship Sweet 16 Student Representatives

AISS has a strong tradition of always sending players to the top level NAIA schools. Last season Fall-14 AISS had representatives at two of the final four schools in NAIA National Championship.

Final four schools were: Texas Brownsville University, University of Northwestern Ohio, Davenport University, and Marymount University.

AISS students currently playing for these schools:

The University of Texas at Brownsville, Texas:

-Axel Svensson, Hojam (Hyssna IF)

University of Northwestern Ohio, Ohio:

-Henrik Pålsson, Halmstad (BK Astrio)

-Adam Waern, Borås (Byttorps IF)

-Samuel Häggbring, Kalmar (Vissefjärda GIF)


One other school with an AISS student representative qualified for NAIA National Championship Quarter Finals:

Grand View University, Iowa:

David Arvidsson, Hyssna (Kinna IF)


Two other school with AISS student representatives qualified for NAIA National Sweet 16:

Lindsey Wilson College, Kentucky:

Christoffer Gatara, Borås (Norrby IF)

Ashford University, Iowa:

Joel Harrysson, Halmstad (Andersberg IK)